With Patent Giveaway, Tesla Shows Silicon Valley What Ingenuity Means

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that by openly sharing its patent portfolio with the rest of the world, his company will help expand the market for electric cars.Wallpaper

His stance underscores the sentiment–widely held in Silicon Valley–that today’s technology moves too fast for the U.S. patent system. But the attention Tesla’s move is getting turns it into something bigger: a boost to the larger patent reform movement, which aims to reduce patent litigation across the tech world.

“What you’re looking at here is the beginning of a new culture with regard to patents,” says Julie Samuels, executive director at the public policy think tank and research outfit Engine. “A lot of companies in the high tech space are dismayed with how the system is shaping up, so they’re trying to come up with creative ways to navigating around that system and get back to the business of innovating and creating.”
Post Credit = http://www.wired.com