Fruit Yogurt


Yogurt 1kg
Condensed milk 1tin,398g
Fresh cream 1pkt
Pineapple jelly powder 1pkt
Pineapple cubes 1tin
Gelatin powder 1tbsp
Coldwater 2tbsp


Dissolve gelatin 2 tbsp of cold water.Put the bowl in hot water and stir till gelatin dissolves.In a large servingbowl combine yogurt, pineapple jelly powder and condensed milk and beat together with a fork.Add pineapple and dissolved gelatin and whip again.Chill till it sets.One hour before serving put the yogurt in freezer to cool it further. A light delicious dessert.


Mash a slice of papaya, mix with half tsp gealtin and chill till it sets.Apply to face and wash with cold water to treat freckles.