Changa Manga Forest Pictures, Photoes, Natural View Pakistan


The name "Changa Manga" comes from the old story of two brother thieves,  
Changa and Manga, who used to hide in thick forests, along with their loots.
Over the passage of time the stories have been molded into adventures that 
every child in that area is told, with added morals.

Forest Introduction

Changa Manga jungle is located in the tehsil Chunian, District Kasur,
 75 KM away from Lahore. Distance from Pattoki city is just 7 KM
 approximately. It was the biggest effort of the human planting a forest.
 So you can say Changa Manga forest is largest man planted forest in 
the Asia. The forest covers an area of 48.6 square km, or 12510 acres. 
The Forest of change manga has been started to plant in 1866 in British Raj
 and within few years it was completed.