Five More Reasons to Love Yves Saint Laurent

It's been an excellent week here at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills. We've received a superb sampling of new products that we've been featuring the past few weeks and we've got another five excellent products to add to that list. It is no secret that Yves Saint Laurent is an iconic and timeless Parisian designer whose pieces project the epitome of elegance and posh living. Sometimes you stumble across an excellent handbag that you just love but are stuck with a limited color palette. Our new Yves Saint Laurent handbags come in five summer shades that will be sure to appeal to any style setter with each tote bag in a luxurious crocodile material. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

Which color do you like best? If you love what you see then head on over to Queen Bee of Beverly Hills and discover more designer handbags and accessories to love at the prices you like!
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