Bergdahl was freed in a Muslim ‘smock’ so he might be a Taliban sympathizer

Fox News media analyst Lauren Ashburn on Sunday suggested that former prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could be a Taliban sympathizer because he was released after five years of captivity wearing a Muslim “smock.”

During a discussion on Media Buzz, host Howard Kurtz asked Ashburn if it had been fair for the media to spend so much time focusing on a Taliban-produced propaganda video of Bergdahl being handed back over to American troops.

“Why did it get so much attention? I mean, here’s this central figure of this entire story, and we only have one picture of him in a military uniform?” Ashburn explained. “And now, we get to look into his blinking eyes, and imagine what happened to him or try to discern what the relationship was with his captors.”
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