Chanel Cruises in Dubai: The 2015 Resort Collection

The fashion world is tricky when it comes to understanding their seasons
and how they work. It can get all too confusing when you realize the
seasons are inverted, with fall/winter shows happening in the spring/summer, and spring/summer shows happening in the fall/winter. Then comes the
Resort show, which typically takes place in either May or June,
but don't be fooled by its sojourning appeal. In fact, the collection
has very little to do with cruising or vacations of any kind. Rather
, it is geared towards clients who typically travel to warmer destinations
during the colder seasons, most often winter. Now designers have to be very
smart about this line when choosing certain looks and specific fabrics
because the line they do end up showcasing tends to stay out on the sales
floor longer than any other season.
The resort collection has gone by other names as well, such as holiday
or cruise line, and they weren't always available to the public. Originally
it was such an off season during the summer months that many designers crafted
these pieces privately to a much wealthier and highly exclusive clientele
It was only until fashion became such a sought after industry filled with.
 icons, magazines, and celebrities who all sought and pined after the latest
 and greatest pieces did the industry begin to retail the lines publicly, which
 eventually led to it becoming its very own season filled will press, glamour
, and runways in some of the most exotic locations.
Chanel has just recently done its own Resort line in the magical lands of Dubai
. Louis Vuitton's collection was unveiled along the French Riviera in the
 luxurious destination of Monte Carlo. Check out the magic of Chanel's show
 below and let us know what you think!

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