Las Vegas judge recounts 'Trial of the Century'

LAS VEGAS -- There's only one person connected to both O.J. Simpson criminal trials and she lives in Las Vegas. Kathleen Delaney testified in the 1995 murder trial and was a judge for part of his second trial.

The I-Team talked to District Court Judge Delaney about her unique perspective of the so-called "Trial of the Century."  It was 20 years ago on June 12 that  Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed.

At the time, Delaney, a young Las Vegas attorney found herself called by the prosecution as a witness. At the time she was an attorney for the Mirage casino. She was called to testify that Simpson's girlfriend at the time, Paula Barbieri, was in Las Vegas at the time of the murders.

"It was the cell phone records indicating the call to the then girlfriend and the hotel records that the then girlfriend was staying there paid for by the singer Michael Bolton. The theory apparently was that there was some jealousy," Delaney said.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted but later went to a Nevada prison for his 2008 Las Vegas robbery.

Two decades later, Judge Delaney found herself on the bench making a crucial decision in Simpson's second trial.

Simpson's new attorneys tried to convince a judge that Simpson's former attorneys did a bad job defending him. Simpson's new attorneys wanted to kick newly appointed District Attorney Steve Wolfson off the case since his wife, Jackie Glass, was the judge on Simpson's robbery trial.

District Court Judge Kathleen Delaney ruled in favor of Wolfson after alerting both sides to her coincidental role in Simpson's 1995 murder trial.

Delaney was called so quickly to testify in the 1995 murder trial that the only pictures her family could find when asked by newspapers was her high school photo.