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Sonakshi Sinha all praises for Akshay Kumar

In your next film, Holiday, you have a sporty look. How sporty are you?

I’ve always been a sportsperson. I was interested in Holiday because I have played sports in school and college. Personality wise, the role is so close to me, it was like playing myself onscreen! I would love to do a film in the future where I can explore this facet a bit more and play sports longer. The basic body language is already within me.

How did they think of you for a sportswoman’s role?

Akshay knew I am into sports because we’ve played sports on many of our earlier film sets. He knew that I would be capable of doing what the role requires physically.

Was it easy to play a female boxer?

I play tennis, basketball and volleyball but I’ve never boxed before so I needed help. The director didn’t want me to look girly or stylised or fake so Akshay showed me a few boxing moves and introduced me to boxer Vijender Singh who told me about a boxer’s body language.

You are doing Linga opposite Rajanikant. How did you think of entering South Indian films?

Ever since Dabangg released, I was getting lot of offers from the South but I was not able to take them up as I had films keeping me busy here. But I wanted to make a foray into the South because they make wonderful films which are creatively rich. I wanted to experience this whole new world and I couldn’t have asked for a better debut in Tamil cinema thean Linga. In Bollywood, I made my debut with superstar Salman Khan in Dabangg and in South it will be with superstar Rajinikanth.

Did you feel at all intimidated while working with Rajinikanth?

He is a huge superstar but he is very humble man who talks nicely to everybody. So I did not feel intimidated. On the sets, I went up to him and confessed to feeling nervous. He replied that instead of me, it was he who should be nervous because I am his friend’s daughter. That broke the ice. It was nice of him to keep the conversation humorous. Also, the role is not such that we would feel uncomfortable with each other. It is a very well-written role. Lingaa is based in two eras – the present and the 1940s. I wanted to be part of this magical world.
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