Chicken Corn Soup


Chi9cken 1+1/2 kgwhole,boil,emove meat when tender,discard carcass
Chicken stock 3 glasses,keep 1 cup aside
Cream of corn 1 tbsp,powdered
White pepper 1 small tin
Cornflour 3 tbsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Eggs 2 beaten
Whiteflour/Chicken stock cube mix 1 tbsp
Sesame seed oil few drops
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tbsp
In a large pan bring thew chicken stock and cream of corn to boil.When it comes to a rolling boil,add white flour/chicken stock mix,sugar ,white pepper and chicken pieces,stir to mix and pour in the oil.Just before serving dissolve the corn flour in the cup of stock set asde,and add to the soup while stirring.Cook till the soup thickens.Remove pan from heat.After 2 minutes add the beaten eggs while stirring,put the pan nack on heat till egg forms into spices.Sprinkle sesame seed oil,serve hot with soya sauce,vinegar and hot sauce.
Use a wood spoon in soups thinkened with cornflour.Steel spoons will cause the soup to become thin,or prevent the soup from thickening.